An interior design line of eternal beauty

Park Avenue is the new collection that revolutionises
the concept of "living interior design"

By interpreting with original style, the forms and themes drawn from the decorating canons of New York at the beginning of the 20th century, on the cusp between classicism and modernity, the Park Avenue interior-design line delicately and elegantly expresses the eternal essence of beauty, just like a distillation of youth that never changes with the passage of time.

The minimalism of the Park Avenue shapes frees matter from the restrictions of the past, exalting itself in a living, vibrant play of forms and volumes, endowing a feeling of stability representing the antithesis of the inconstant world outside.

The Park Avenue collection meets the interior design needs of the most demanding customers, eager to relive the style of the upper-class New York homes.

Thanks to the experience, professionalism and reliability of the Berni interior design consultants, the high level of personalisation of the products, the eye to detail, and a series of dedicated services, all the solutions designed with Park Avenue furnishing elements make every environment unique, the protagonist of a journey into beauty.

Products & Environments

Tailor made italian style

Park Avenue exalts Italian creativity and the high quality of Tuscan craftsmanship

The result of a careful and detailed study of shapes, materials, and colours, all the elements making up the Park Avenue interior design collection demonstrate that the genius of Leonardo da Vinci is still very much alive in our country.

The culture of quality and a passion for beauty are in fact the two souls that guide our craftsmen in creating unique products, aimed at maximum differentiation from everything that is standardised.

This unique, unmistakable style is exquisitely expressed in Park Avenue's clean and at the same time, sought after lines, in the choice of refined materials with high artistic appeal, in the creativity of the details, and in the expert craftsmanship: a complete range of solutions capable of creating a luxurious bathroom and personalising with surprising beauty the structural d├ęcor of every prestigious environment.



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